” once you learn how to create your own happiness,    no one can take it from you. ” – Robert Tew I think this is an interesting quote. How does one learn to create his or her own happiness? If you have never been taught how to seek your own happiness, how can you … More happiness


i’m only human i also need love and caring from other humans i can simply not provide all that for myself by myself we allow people in our lives in the hope that they would fill the voids that we couldn’t fill but if you end up neglected by those people you end up with … More needs


It comes crawling up on you, without you noticing it. Suddenly you wake up and you feel like, no today ain’t gonna be my day. That day turns to a week, that week to a month and then, without even realizing it, you’re a few months further and you still can’t get rid of this … More sadness