Let’s talk about patience

” Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet” – Aristotle 

Why are we all rushing to become the best version of ourselves? 

I get it, you want to grow up and reach your goals.
You want to feel fulfilled and independent.
You want to follow your dreams.

But why are you in such a hurry?
Why are we often running behind one certain thing,
unaware of the fact, we are only chasing it away?
Why do we not realize that the more we wait,
the more we will enjoy it when we have it?

“It” can be anything.
It depends on what you’re waiting for.

Are you impatiently waiting to graduate and go to work?
You will be able to work for the rest of your life,
only to look back and regret not enjoying your time as a student to the fullest?
If it takes long for you to graduate or for you to find a good study that suits you,
so be it.
Why is that such a bad thing?
It should be seen as a good thing that you’re taking your time
so you don’t have any regrets later.

Are you desperately waiting for a relationship?
Love will find you, when your time is there, until then, why are you waiting for it?
Being in a relationship isn’t the only thing that matters, building a healthy relationship
takes time, effort, energy and a lot of love.
If you haven’t found the right one yet, be your own right one.
Put all that time and effort in yourself.
Don’t go rushing yourself into a relationship, if you can’t have a healthy one
with yourself.
You will find love, but until then don’t go chasing it,
you will get married and be loved by someone, but don’t spend your whole life
waiting for that to happen, because you will only regret not enjoying your life
while you were still single.

Are you badly waiting to grow up so you could be an adult?
Why are you thinking that becoming an adult is the most important thing?
Besides, what’s an adult? Is that just an age for you?
I know people who are 16, wanting to become 18 so bad because
that’s when they will become an adult, so they say.
It has NOTHING to do with age.
Maturity doesn’t suddenly come knocking on your door when you’re 18.
I know people who are 23 and they have the same immaturity that I had when I was 12.
Why would you rush yourself to grow up?
Enjoy your youth, because when you’re old and grey, the only thing you’ll look back at,
is your youth and you’ll be sad because all you wanted to do was grow up that you forgot
to take your time to enjoy yourself as a kid, as a teenager, as an adult but then it will be too late.

Because you can’t go back in time, you can’t change things if it’s too late.
You only have one chance to have a good life, to live a fulfilled life.
If you waste your chance, you won’t get another one.
This is your only chance to do something before you end up
regretting not living your life to the fullest
regretting not enjoying the time you had with the people you loved
regretting not enjoying yourself.

I am writing this chapter as a wake up call for those who need it.
Because we need to talk about patience, this is a thing I see so often and
it bothers me so much.

Everyone is expecting that if they chase their dreams,
their dreams will become reality in a day.
No. That kinda shit doesn’t happen in real life.

If you want something, wait for it.
Give it time. Appreciate all the time that goes by.

I once read that if you see a flower, you’re not gonna pull it directly from the ground.
You will water it, give it some sun, give it some time and let it grow.

So if you’re willing to do that with a flower,
why not with yourself?

There is nothing more important than having patience and giving time,
to the things that need time.

So what, if you’re taking a bit longer than others?
So what, if you’re taking more time to evolve yourself?
So what, if you’re taking time for yourself to figure things out?

People are often judged for doing things in their own way.
I changed studies four times before I found the one thing
that suited me and that made me happy.
But I still hear people say
again??? aren’t you scared that you will graduate later than others?”
No, I’m not. I am happy I took my time and I didn’t accept
just something that wasn’t making me happy.
So hallelujah to the people who aren’t scared of doing things their own way,
in their own time.

I also hear people say
are you still single? aren’t you scared you’re not gonna find someone
Well no. I am not gonna settle for something that I think isn’t a 100% what I deserve.
I rather wait years to find the right guy, who knows my worth, who knows I am one of kind,
than just settle and get into any relationship that comes my way,
only to realize that this isn’t what I’m looking for.
People should understand, I am not looking for love or a relationship.
I am looking for building myself up.

Be patient.
There’s nothing wrong with waiting.
I feel like when someone tells someone ” you’re worth the wait ” or ” I will be patient with you ” those sentences are the most beautiful things to say to someone.
Because time means a lot to someone and by saying that, they are telling you,
no matter how much time you need, I will give it to you.

Patience has such an underrated value, some of you will never understand.

But in a few years, when you’re settled and you found the things you were looking for,
you will understand what I’m writing here.
The wait can be bitter, yes that’s true.
But the results are so sweet and worthy of the wait.

You will eventually realize this, but with time of course
because after all,
all we need is a little bit of time
as time is the healer of all wounds.

If you’re feeling stuck,
or you don’t know where to go,
time will show you the way.

It is with time, that we grow
with time, that we mature,
with time, that we realize
our mistakes and our standards
perhaps our dreams and our goals,
with time, we open new doors
and new opportunities will come along the way,
with time, we forgive
and with time we forget.

All we need is a little bit of patience, 
and eventually, things will be okay. 

xo xo








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